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General Terms

General Information

ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. a company with Tax Identification Code ESJ54006069 and with registered address at c/Monte de Santa Pola 35, Urb. Brisamar 466, Spain, owner of website, hereby sets out its Conditions of use and its Privacy Policy when you visit our websites. Before using any of the websites owned by ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C., you are advised to carefully read the general use conditions.

Hyperlinks and access to third-party websites

ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. cannot accept any responsibility with regard to any other websites accessed by the user via this website. It is the responsibility of the user to take the necessary precautions to guarantee that the websites he or she decides to use do not contain viruses or other destructive elements. The user of the website and, in general, any natural or artificial person proposing the establishment of a hyperlink or technical linking technique, for example links or buttons, from their website to ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C.'s website, must have written authorisation from ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. to do so. ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. cannot accept any responsibility with regard to the content of third-party websites accessed from this website by means of direct or indirect links that are beyond our control. The user will be exclusively responsible for the use made of any information obtained by means of access to third-party website links.

Intellectual property rights

Todo el contenido del sitio web es propiedad exclusiva de ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C., incluido, a título de ejemplo no limitativo, su diseño gráfico, el código fuente, los logotipos, textos, gráficas, ilustraciones y otros elementos que aparecen en el mismo.
Nos reservamos todos los derechos en exclusiva por el material publicado que ha sido creado por nosotros. Está prohibido utilizar este material en otras publicaciones electrónicas o impresas sin nuestra autorización expresa.
Al facilitar información, ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. no otorga ninguna licencia con respecto a cualquier derecho de autor, patente ni otro derecho de propiedad intelectual. 
Todas las marcas y nombres comerciales de ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. utilizadas en este sitio son marcas, registradas o no, de ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C., a menos que se indique lo contrario. Está prohibido utilizar, copiar, reproducir, reeditar, cargar, enviar, transmitir, distribuir o modificar las marcas de ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. de cualquier manera, inclusive en la publicidad relativa a la distribución de materiales en el sitio, sin el previo consentimiento por escrito de ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. Los nombres de otras empresas y productos mencionados en este sitio pueden ser marcas de sus respectivos titulares.
Este sitio web puede incluir otras reservas de propiedad registrada e información sobre derechos de autor, cuyos términos deben respetarse y cumplirse. La información de este sitio web puede incluir imprecisiones técnicas o errores tipográficos.

Personal data protection and confidentiality regulations

In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, governing personal data protection, you are duly informed that the personal data you provide or which is obtained by means of the use of the ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. website by the user will be incorporated into an automated file held by ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. The data cannot be passed on to third parties if you do not expressly and unequivocally authorise this in writing. You may exercise your rights to access, rectify, remove and challenge this data by contacting our company at: c/ Monte de Santa Pola 35, Urb. Brisamar 466, E-03130 Santa Pola, Spain, or via The request must contain the following details: name and surname of the user, address for notification purposes, photocopy of national identity card or passport, and the specific content of the exercised right. Due to the confidential nature of this information, this right cannot be exercised by telephone. ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. collates and uses the personal data of users in order to contact them to offer better service and to keep them informed of new developments, products and services. ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C.'s website may contain links to third-party websites that are not under the control of ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C.. In these cases, ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. cannot accept any responsibility and you are advised to apprise yourself of the confidentiality regulations of these websites. We may disclose personal information when required by law or if in good faith we believe that such action is necessary in order to conform to the requirements of law.

Scope of responsibility

ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. gives no guarantee regarding the presence of errors or possible inaccuracies and/or omissions in any of the content accessible via this website. ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. refutes all liability which might arise from delays or blocked operation of the electronic system due to deficiencies or overloading of the telephone or Internet lines, and from damage caused by third parties through illegal intrusion, interference, omission, interruption, computer viruses, telephone line faults or disconnections in the electronic system's operation for reasons beyond ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C.'s control. The user makes use of this website of his/her own accord and at his/her own risk. ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C., its partners, collaborators, employees and representatives are not liable for any errors or omissions in the content of this website or other content that might be accessed via the same. ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C., its partners, collaborators, employees and representatives cannot be considered as liable for any damage caused by the use of this website or by any action carried out on the database provided therein. ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that might cause damage or alter the user's computer system, electronic documents or files. Consequently, ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. is not liable for any damage caused by such elements to the user or to third parties. The versions of this document in English and German are provided solely for informative purposes. Should there be any discrepancies; the only version of the document that is binding and that governs the user's relationship with ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. is the Spanish version.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish law. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Alicante (Spain) courts. The user waives the right to any other jurisdiction.

Conditions of use

ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. maintains this website as a service to its customers, suppliers and other interested parties. When you access, navigate and/or use this website, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the general clauses and use conditions of the same. ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. hereby reserves the right to modify the use conditions and general clauses of this website at any time and without prior notification. By using this website you accept all the aforementioned modifications. We recommend that you periodically visit the website to stay up to date with any changes that might be applied in the future. The user undertakes to use the website and its content and services in accordance with current regulations and this legal notice. The user also expressly undertakes not to destroy, alter, render unusable or in any other way damage electronic data, programs or documents and other programs contained on ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C.'s websites. The user undertakes not to block access by other users to the access service by massive occupation of the computer resources used by ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. to provide the service, and not to engage in acts which could damage, interrupt or generate errors in these systems. The user undertakes not to introduce programs, viruses, macros or any other logic device or sequence of characters which could cause or be liable to cause any kind of alteration to ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C.'s computer systems. The user is solely responsible for any infringement or damage he or she may commit or cause through use of the website, and ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C., its affiliates and/or subsidiaries, collaborators, employees and representatives shall be exempt from any kind of liability which might result from the user's action. The user shall be solely liable for any claim or legal, judicial or out-of-court action brought by third parties against ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C.. Should the occasion arise, the user shall bear any expenses, costs and indemnification with which ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. may be charged as a result of such claims or legal action.

Terms of service

On accepting an offer, the customer enters into a contract with ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. which shall be governed by the following terms:

1. SCOPE OF THESE TERMS: These terms of service apply to all agreements or contracts signed by and between ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. and its customers in the field of providing its professional work. Any other term applied to such contracts shall require express acceptance in writing from ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C..

2. QUOTATIONS: Acceptance of the quotation by the customer must be confirmed in writing under all circumstances. Verbal quotations or estimates for guideline purposes are not binding and are subject to a written confirmation being issued once the originals have been received and the relevant firm quotation has been drawn up. Written quotations remain valid for 15 days.

3. CONFIDENTIALITY: All projects are controlled under strict confidentiality rules. At the customer's request, specific confidentiality agreements may be executed.

4. PRICES: All amounts indicated in the quotation correspond to the services set forth therein. Any subsequent modification to these services will lead to a review of the initial quotation and the preparation of a new one if so required. All ancillary expenses that are demonstrably connected with the performance of the work, as well as courier expenses, shall be for the account of the customer. All prices are to be taken as not including VAT where that tax is applicable.

5. DELIVERY OF THE WORK: The translated documentation shall be delivered in accordance with the terms agreed in the quotation. ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. does not accept any liability for any delay in delivery arising as a result of overloads on the lines or servers, problems with the post office system or any other causes over which ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. has no direct control.

6. CANCELLATIONS: Should the customer wish for any reason to cancel an assignment after confirming it, the customer will be charged for the amount of work already done, at the rates applying to that work.

7. PAYMENTS: All payments are net and are to be paid in accordance with the provisions set forth in the quotation or in the corresponding framework contract, plus applicable taxes. Without prejudice to other rights, ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. may apply the interest rate in force to all invoices not paid by their due and payable date. The CUSTOMER is always liable to ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. for payment of the price, even in the event that the assignment was performed on behalf of a third party. The transfer costs that may stem for payment of the invoices or extraordinary costs generated through return/non-payment of these shall be fully payable by the customer.

8. LIABILITY: In the event of error or omission in the completed assignment, ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. shall be entitled to choose between doing the work again or refunding the customer for the fees paid for that assignment, providing that such fees were paid in accordance with our terms.

9. LEGAL GUARANTEE: The customer hereby guarantees that the translation requested does not infringe copyright or other rights stemming from intellectual and industrial property and that ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. shall not be held liable for any claim from third parties.

10. APPLICABLE LEGISLATION: All relations between the customer and ANKA TRADUCCIONES, S.C. shall be governed by Spanish legislation. Any dispute arising shall be submitted to the courts of Alicante.


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